Graphic Design
The following are some of the services we provide. 
  • Logos
  • Business Stationery
  • Company Profiles
  • Digital Brochures
  • Illustrations
  • Book Cover Designs
  • Social Media Posts
  • Catalogues
  • Layouts for Printing

Contact Dee for any custom design, lets chat and see how we can help. Please check our WordPress site for more on our Blogs

Our business principle is a simple but effective one: We strive for Excellence, in Service and Diversity, as we move forward to bring

colour and design to the lives of every one of our clients. In bringing colour to the lives of people, we can enhance their appreciation of

design, both visual and aesthetic.

A few of our design work
Front page -Company Profile

PowerMaster Company Profile - Re-design and layout for print. Contact Deva from PowerMaster South Africa for all your tools, equipment or services.

Company profile for client

LSP inc Company Profile - Re-design and layout for print and digital. 

Contact Lyle Singh for all your Payroll and HR solutions.

Brown Paper label 194mm layout

Layout for labels and diecutting, There were many different layouts and print ready items done for this client, Paperology.  

Contact Kantesh -

Family Care Ministries Annual Report 2021 - 2022
Family Care Ministries Annual Report 2021-2022 - Design and layout done 

Family Care Ministries run by Pastor Josef Bitschnau, he has helped so many families and individuals over the years. His humble and caring nature attracts people to him. He has helped people here in South Africa and in other countries as well. His ministry has feeding schemes in Johannesburg, he also delivers food parcels to surrounding areas. 

Pastor Josef Bitschnau -

 (All work done for Pastor Josef is our Seva)

These are a few of our design work, for more information on any design or print layout work that you may need contact us.,
+27 82 052 6426 /+27 82 422 0799

All products/services are provided as is and there are no warranties available for the work provided. Should any warranties be given, it will be done so at the sole discretion of The Pict Perspective and on an individual basis.

The Pict Perspective reserves all proprietary rights to all designs both individual and otherwise, on all products/services as belonging solely to The Pict Perspective. No reproduction or copies may be made without the written permission of The Pict Perspective.

We are CIPC registered, BEE Level 1 contributor and we are also Tax compliant, we have a letter of Good Standing

Copy & Creative Writing

Ghost writing & transcribing. All these are available at The Pict Perspective. We have our own original book available for sale on Amazon Kindle and are currently working on more projects. If you need an attention grabbing sales line, or a brilliant opening for your very own fantasy webtoon, The Pict Perspective can definitely help you out.